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Utelandningstips från BGA

Field Landing Advice

The tried and tested BGA generic field landing briefing provides very sound guidance to new and experienced pilots, particularly if supported with a session in an SLMG. The briefing document is here.

Field Landings - A Training Video

The Ted Lysakowski Memorial Trust has sponsored the production of a new training video about all aspects of field landings. The  47 minute video is available as a single file or, alternatively, you can view individual chapters in high resolution as follows:

Entire video
Chapter 1 - Introduction; The process of field selection; Size, slope, surface
Chapter 2 -   Obstacles on the approach; The effect of wind; The biggest is not always the best!             
              Chapter 3 - Slope: identifying and dealing with it...
Chapter 4 - Surface, early spring to mid-season; What's growing, can we land on it?; Winter and spring cereal crops; Tram-lines and tractor wheelings; Oil-seed rap; Introducing grass fields.             
Chapter 5 - Grass for silage, hay and pasture.             
Chapter 6 - Horses, stud farms and gallops; Sheep; Cattle and stock-fences; Identifying fences and avoiding landing across colour changes
Chapter 7 - Overhead wires; Spotting the poles; Approacvhing harvest
Chapter 8 - Harvest time, stubble and straw; Random tractor tracks; Land along the direction of cut; After the harvest; Happy landings

Spot that Crop Before You Drop..

Some helpful detail re field surfaces on this private website that is managed by experienced glider pilots.

Guidance Following a Field Landing

Glider pilots almost always set off on a flight that will result in a landing back at the base airfield. Occasionally a flight does not quite go to plan and can result in a field landing. So glider pilots need the co-operation of farmers and landowners. Their assistance and goodwill is imperative for the future of our sport.

Guidance for pilots following a field landing is available here.

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